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Unlock the Power of Your Medical Expertise

How to grow a thriving expert witness business

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by Doctors for Doctors

Our program is followed by...

Established Medical Experts

With significant experience in Expert Witness work who are looking to see their business match their growing ambitions, laying plans for 5X to 10X growth.

Mid-Career Physicians

Who have had a few years of experience as an Expert Witness and are now ready to get serious about scaling this work into a multi-six-figure business.

Physicians New to Expert Witness Work

Who have a vision for their young business and want to accelerate its growth, taking advantage of a strong start.

Program Breakdown - Six Live Sessions

Session 1: Intro - Crossing the Chasm

You have the expertise and you’ve done some work as a medical expert witness. So why aren’t you growing? Dr. Romano breaks down the current state of the medical expert witness landscape and your position in it. He explores the barriers to growth we all face and offers strategies to circumvent them. This is an opportunity to take stock of where your practice is currently and make aggressive estimates about where it will go!

Session 2: Gain Attention & Grow Your Expert Witness Business

How do we crack the code? Dr. Romano’s practice has taken off using some simple but not easy practices. In this session he drives home the 8 ways to market yourself. Everyone’s situation is a little different and this session allows you to discover how to get the results you are looking for. He points you in the right direction for where to spend your time...and your marketing money. Dr. Romano knows you will be successful with his guidance! In this session he anticipates your growth curve and advises how to manage it, finding the sweet spot to get you the work you want without opening the firehose.

Section 3: Acing Attorney Interactions at All Stages of a Case

Avoiding common communication pitfalls is a pivotal part of an Expert Witness Practice and Dr. Romano has a roadmap to avoid them. This is a rollicking, fun session and in this hour you will learn it all!

Session 4: Nuts & Bolts: Invoicing, Billing, Records – Nuance and Tips and Tricks

Are some elements of your business management mundane? For sure. But the reality is that practices are made and broken in the details. Dr. Romano gives you the tools to stay organized and on top of your work. Build your systems early and it will definitely pay off down the road.

Session 5: The Report, Deposition & Trial

Your work product is your best marketing opportunity. Dr. Romano breaks down the process of developing a report and preparing for deposition. Trial is the big stage for everyone involved. Dr. Romano arms you with the principles that will allow you to be successful and make a lasting impression that will drive future business.

Session 6: Course Review, Preparing for the Future

Dr. Romano highlights the key elements that led to his own success and that of his Medical Expert mentees. He places the course concepts into context and charges you with concrete steps to take in the next 48 hours to move you forward. He points out current trends in Medical Malpractice and how you can prepare yourself and your Expert Witness Practice to thrive in uncertain times.

Plus 6 Hours of 1:1 Mentoring Calls

Book time with Dr. Romano. Tailor sessions to meet your specific needs to get real-time feedback and advice on cases and situations you are dealing with. Personalized accountability and deep(er) dive into topics covered above.

Meet Dr. Jordan Romano

Founder of

Dr. J. Jordan Romano is an Ivy League-trained and Board-Certified Internist / Hospitalist currently practicing in the Boston Area. With 14 years of clinical experience (Dartmouth & Harvard) and over seven years of Medical Expert Witness experience, Dr. Romano has become the go-to resource for Medical Malpractice Law firms nationwide. 

In recent years Dr. Romano has provided 1:1 mentoring to physicians at all stages of their Med-Mal Expert Witness journey. He has a proven track record and battle-tested methods for creating 6-figure businesses.

At the urging of his previous mentees, Dr. Romano will now offer this same program as a mix of online training and personalized 1:1 sessions to address each physician's specific expert witness needs.

This program is for...

  • Medical Expert Witnesses looking to propel their business forward, ready for as much as 10X growth.
  • Medical professionals looking to diversify their income streams and expand their professional horizons.
  • Physicians, Nurses, and Advanced Practice Clinicians with sought after expertise that is highly valued by malpractice attorneys.
  • Medical professionals who are ready to invest in their own success story and will benefit from the insights of an experienced Ivy League medical expert team.

This program is not for you if...

  • You are not a Physician, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant.
  • You are not in a position to explore new income opportunities in the medical expert witness field at this time.

Here's everything included in the Accelerator Program

Six Live Sessions

That will take you through the entire process of growing your medical expert witness practice.

Tools and Exercises

To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your own work.

Community Access

Allowing you to build and expand your network with like-minded business owners.

1 Value-Packed Bonus

Giving you personal behind-the-scenes secrets on how successful business owners made it big.

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What Previous Clients Say

Dr. Felicity K.

"Total game changer! I had done some cases, but wanted to grow and needed a BluePrint to attract more traffic. Looking back at it now I had no idea what I was doing. Jordan is a STAR and my work has taken off since working with him. I’ve gotten everything I need to succeed and he continues to keep me accountable to my goals. Couldn’t have asked for more!"


Dr Jason M.

"Dr. Romano's expert witness program is nothing short of phenomenal. Before working with him, I struggled to navigate the legal system and effectively communicate my medical expertise to attorneys. With Dr. Romano's guidance, I learned how to confidently testify in court, write effective reports, and market my services to potential clients. His personalized 1:1 coaching calls were invaluable, and I would highly recommend his program to any physician looking to start or grow their medical expert witness business."


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Top features

  • 6 LIVE Sessions
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions
  • 6 hours of 1:1 calls with Dr. J. Jordan Romano
  • Preferred access to NEW course releases
  • CME Qualified Course
  • Preferred access & discount to future courses
  • CME credits available

One Time Payment


Top features

  • 6 LIVE Sessions
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions
  • 6 hours of 1:1 calls with Dr. J. Jordan Romano
  • Preferred access to NEW course releases
  • CME Qualified Course
  • Preferred access & discount to future courses
  • CME credits available

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