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Meet Dr. Jordan Romano

Founder of Medical Expert Witness

If you're a Medical Malpractice Expert Witness ready to take your existing business to the next level, or a physician looking to break into this rewarding world, Dr. J. Jordan Romano can help.

As a Board-Certified Internist/Hospitalist with over 14 years of clinical experience from two Ivy League institutions, Dr. Romano has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. He's become the go-to resource for Medical Malpractice Law firms across the country, providing highly valued expert testimony and consultation.

With over 7 years of Medical Expert Witness experience, Dr. Romano has not only honed his own skills but has also mentored physicians at all stages of their journey. His proven track record and battle-tested methods have helped numerous physicians create six-figure businesses in this field.

Now, at the urging of his previous mentees, Dr. Romano is offering a mix of online training and personalized 1:1 sessions to help physicians address their specific Expert Witness needs. With Dr. Romano's guidance, you'll learn how to craft a compelling expert witness report, testify effectively in court, market your services, and negotiate your fees.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a verifiable expert in the field and propel your own career forward. Sign up for Dr. Romano's program today and build for yourself the successful Medical Malpractice Expert Witness business you know is possible.

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